Practise Humility

‘Clothe yourselves with humility.’ 1 Peter 5:5 NASB The Bible says: ‘Clothe yourselves with humility… for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble… humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for …Read More

Atheism in Decline in Australia – Robert Martin

‘Convention cancelled due to lack of interest’ A Global Atheism Convention to be held here in 2018 with a who’s who of guest speakers, has been cancelled due to a lack of interest. Conversely, an event that keeps on growing, the Hillsong Conference in Sydney, has seen increased attendances over the past three years. What …Read More

Abortion Clinic ‘Bubble Zones’ – Graham Preston

Australians freedom of speech hangs in the balance “Once a government believes they can suppress freedom of speech in one place and get away with it there’s the probability it will happen elsewhere as well.” “We see this as a very concerning precedent that this ‘Bubble Zone’ law creates and it must be overridden.” So …Read More

Queensland State Election 2017 –  Who to vote for?

What about social, ethical and moral issues? The Queensland state election this weekend will be a test for the two major parties. Should either Labor or the LNP fail to attain the necessary 47 seats to govern the Sunshine State in their own right, either party, depending on the number of seats in their favour, …Read More

‘It’s those little moments on Vision’ – Ainslee from WA

“No matter how everything’s going you keep that energy going and encourage, encourage and encourage. You never give up so it’s really good.” Praise for Vision from Ainslee in Western Australia, a Visionathon donor who turns on her radio whenever she’s in the car. “I love the way your enthusiasm never wavers,” was Ainslee’s compliment …Read More

“I was raised from the dead!” – Dr Sean, Kalgoorlie, WA

“Vision Radio brings that hope to life. It brings our faith to a concrete place where we can actually see that there is hope in the world.” Nine years ago Dr Sean, a Vision family member, died from a massive heart attack.

‘I gave my lunch money to Vision!’ (Lucas TAS)

“Did you see me on Vision? I gave my lunch order money. And you should listen to Vision as well!’’ “I don’t know why I’m crying mummy but my bucket is full and I’m happy!” That was Lucas at school today and here’s how it came about.   You may be familiar with the story …Read More


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Hypergrace Dividing Churches in China – Gladwyn Turner

  ‘Future sin is already forgiven’ Controversies have been brewing in different parts of the broader church for some time now on the issue of what has become known as hypergrace. Churches from their foundations in the scriptures tend to agree that it is not by works we are saved but by God’s grace alone. …Read More

A Soldier’s Miraculous Healing From PTSD

Forgiveness the key to a restored mind “I abused my body with alcohol drinking five bottles of wine a week and then finishing off with whiskey. All that was to try and help me sleep and stop the nightmares.” “Your anxiety levels go so high you can’t function. You don’t know how to do something …Read More

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