Understanding Satan’s Role (4)

‘Hand that man over to Satan.’
 1 Corinthians 5:5 CEV Satan’s attack can be a wake-up call. Do you know that when you refuse to acknowledge your sin and repent of it, the wall of protection around you is breached and Satan is free to come in and attack you? Paul writes to the Corinthian …Read More


Helping youth follow Jesus

Religious Education Confronts Youth Suicide – Pastor Greg Holder

The hope for the next generation starts in the schools. “There’s a higher mortality rate with youth suicide than there’s ever been. It’s nearly at epidemic proportions.” “It’s happening right before our very eyes and the community’s wondering what’s going on.” “Many of our young people are feeling so hopeless and so overwhelmed.” These statements …Read More

The danger of “Safe Schools”

The Safe Schools federal coalition program continues to cause consternation across the nation as schools take up the modified program and community groups make a stand against it. This was the outcome of the first wave of opposition to its inflammatory content and a review undertaken by the federal government. Neil Johnson reported on 20Twenty …Read More

‘Car Park Parables’ and the Largest Volunteer Education Movement in Australia

Could Religious Instruction be the largest volunteer education movement in Australia? (We ask the question because it’s too soon in this story to tell you about ‘Car Park Parables’.) Vision Radio’s 20Twenty was told that in Queensland alone there’s 5-thousand people teaching religious education in the state’s schools. It’s considered to be a grassroots movement …Read More

Fearless Evangelist, Champion Mum – Helen Devenish

“What sort of people make the most passionate witnesses for Christ, sharing their faith, and helping people understand the Good News message of salvation that is the Gospel?” Neil Johnson raised the question when introducing Helen Devenish to the program. Helen is a wife, mother, pastor, evangelist, and let’s not forget – an accomplished artist! …Read More

Gay Marriage After the Honeymoon – Augusto Zimmerman

The Consequences of Same Sex Marriage Same sex marriage may look rosy at the start, but as other countries have discovered the law can quickly change. Here is how Dr Augusto Zimmerman has intimated it can play out: If the religious exemptions don’t get you the anti-discrimination laws more than likely will. Dr Zimmermann is …Read More

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