Treasure God’s Word (1)

‘I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my daily bread.’ Job 23:12 NIV The Spirit of God makes us like the Son of God, through the Word of God! That’s why Satan will put 101 roadblocks in your way to keep you from reading the Bible. Paul writes, ‘I commend you to …Read More

Hope During A Time Of Grief – Pam From QLD

“I lost my husband 12 years ago and Greg Laurie was talking about heaven. I was just so close to God and I couldn’t even cry at the funeral because I knew where my husband was in heaven.”

Vision Helped Me Through A Traumatic Divorce – Adam

‘I would not be able to live without Vision’. Adam has been beset with ill health and the trauma of a divorce.

Kylie from Charleville

This is about the power of the Word of God and a very brave and courageous woman, Kylie.

Lois from Flying Fish Point

Most importantly for Vision Radio is Lois and the many Vision listeners like Lois who are responding to the Vision Radio appeal to keep the ministry impacting Australia.

Bridget from Albany WA

Bridget’s a Vision donor from Albany, WA, who wanted to thank Vision Radio for the difference it’s made in her life.

Glorifying God on the Big Screen

The life and legacy of Luis Palau

Churches Returned to Owners

Syriac Christians have been returned title deeds for nearly half of their ancient church properties.

Police and Pastors Working Together

US Police and pastors bridge strained relationships within communities.

Devotions for Youth

Tribute To Chuck Missler

Dr Kameel Majdali Australian Tour

Vision CEO Phil Edwards Speaks At Jeff Vines’ Church

Watch the video of Phil Edwards’ message at Jeff Vines’ church in California about leaving a lasting legacy and sharing the true hope of God’s Word with Australia.

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