Faith Stories

Underground City Dug Up In Turkey

Researchers say it could have housed up to 70,000 people and was initially built as a ‘hiding place or escape area.”

Scott Morrison’s Final Words As PM

“For me life has always been about faith, family, friends and community. We are not our jobs but who we are as unique individuals, loved by God.”

Grandmother’s ‘Silent’ Arrest

“What kind of society can arrest people for peacefully manifesting their faith in public?”

Author’s Advice To Timid Pastors

“Pastors should never be held in bondage to the opinions of others. They should follow Jesus, who did not care about public opinion.”

Church Revival In The Top End

During the pandemic, the Spirit of God swept across the island with hundreds of people meeting for fellowship and worship every night.


Senior Labor Ministers Sworn In

‘Strong and credible path towards a Labor majority government despite a doubling of crossbench MPs”

Albanese Leads Labor to Power

The new Prime Minister who was brought up by a single mum in social housing hopes his journey in life will inspire other Australians to “reach for the stars”.

Campaign Goes On As Millions Vote

Thursday was the biggest single day of pre-polling in Australia’s history with 743,000 people voting, a record expected to be broken on Friday.

NSW Passes Euthanasia Laws

NSW becomes last state in Australia to pass laws allowing people with a terminal illness to voluntarily end their own life.

Election Battle On Wages, Debt

“We will inherit the worst set of books of any incoming government since federation.”

Mass Shooting Victims Mourned

“We are saddened. We are hurt. We are just devastated, distraught, but we are powerful people who trust in God and we will pray for added strength.”

‘Heroes’ Hogtie Church Shooter

Pastor and parishioners tackled gunman and hog-tied him in an act of “exceptional heroism and bravery that probably saved many more lives.”

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