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Push To Drop Lord’s Prayer in Senate

Atheist Senate President wants to get rid of Christian tradition.

Local Manufacturing Grants at Risk of Being Scrapped

The grants were aimed at strengthening our sovereign capability for manufacturing.

Safety Summit Considers Abortion Access

Calls for national approach to abortion to make it more accessible and affordable.

Foot-and-mouth Fragments Detected in Australia

Viral fragments have been detected in imported meat products.

RBA Admits its Policy has Contributed to Soaring Inflation

Meantime, a wide ranging review into the RBA has been unveiled.

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Ancient Villa Found In Jerusalem’s Old City

Archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a 2,000-year-old Judean villa in Jerusalem’s Old City. The discovery came during work to install elevators for disabled visitors to the Western Wall. Hebrew University researchers were allowed to examine nine metres of ground layers from ancient Jerusalem before construction began. They unearthed the villa that dated back to …Read More

UK Police Guide On Protecting Free Speech

“For too long police have used ‘non-crime hate incidents’ to shut down debate.”

Christian Schools Have A Growth Problem

“Christian schools growing so fast, there are challenges in building new ones.”

Israel’s Mobile Phone Vigilantes

“We won’t allow these impure abominations to destroy our holy lives.”

Gulf Workers Turn To Pentecostalism

“Spirit-led churches have become de facto unions for migrant workers.”

First US Challenge To State Abortion Law

Biden Administration accused of interfering with state sovereignty.

Christian Hero Of Thailand Cave Rescue

“God gave me a very strong belief that someone would come for us.”