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Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome & Cancer

Morag Zwartz shares how God helped her along her journey of being a parent of a child with serious health challenges.

Praying for a Miracle

For Suman, growing up in a remote village in eastern Nepal, life took a sudden turn the year she turned five when her sight became blurry.

How To Talk About Jesus Without Being THAT GUY

Have you ever felt a familiar nervousness or awkwardness when you know that there may be a window of opportunity to tell a friend or colleague about Jesus?

How to Choose Your Lifelong Spouse

Christian marriage is a lifelong commitment, so how do you select the right person and go into marriage with your eyes wide open?

Are You Trying to Control God’s Plan?

Pastor Jeff Vines teaches the lessons learnt by King David as he tried to force God to move according to his plans, and not fully trusting God’s will.

Christians – Tick the ‘Religion’ Box On Census Night

Christian Response to Chaos in South Africa

Looters in South Africa have been running riot across the country, burning down shops, malls, and vehicles with impunity. In this time of chaos, a Christians are stepping up to provide much needed relief in the name of Jesus.

Mark Soper – Remembering Bali 9 Member Andrew Chan – Part 3

Mark and his friend, Dave Reardon, reflect on Andrew’s legacy and the impact he had on their lives.

Coca Cola, Cocaine, Caffeine and the Christian Connection

One of the founding businessmen behind Coca-Cola was Asa Candler, a very rich Christian man who faithfully believed God gives wealth to individuals in order to promote His kingdom on earth.

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