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Anne Graham Lotz’s Plea To Christians

“Don’t focus on the wrapping and miss the treasures inside.”

Threat To Queensland Christian Schools

Courts could decide which staff are Christians.

Vulnerability Creates Opportunities to Share Faith

Taking the next step and being vulnerable by sharing is a great way to spark conversations that lead to talking about Jesus. Simply sharing your story is powerful because you never know what that simple act of vulnerability can do in someone’s life.

Sudan Apostasy Case Dismissed

Christians free after court hears they committed no crime.

New Vision Radio Station Launched in Culburra Beach NSW

Vision’s radio station at Culburra Beach went to air on 23 August 2022. We are excited to have reached the halfway mark! Praise God! This is our 50th radio station launched out of the 100 stations 2021-2023 project and 787 station overall.

University’s Battle Over LGBT Club

Jewish institution fights for Torah values.

I Don’t Feel God – Ps Jeff Vines

Have you ever prayed to God but didn’t feel Him answer? What do you do when this happens? All of us have times like this. But there are keys to understanding God and having a good relationship with Him. Investments we can make that will pay huge dividends.

India’s Order Over Christian Attacks

Govt initially dismissed violence claims as “unfounded”.

Evangelicals’ Theology Report Card

Assessing their understanding of God and His Word.