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Dan Warlow – Kids Music Evangelist Features on Vision Kids

by | Wed, Jul 26 2023

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Dan Warlow is another of Vision Kids featured artists! Dan’s passion and dedication to spreading God’s message to young hearts has hailed him as one of Australia’s best Christian kids entertainers and evangelists. He has a unique ability to engage young kids with his energetic and charismatic style of entertainment.

Dan’s passion for music began at a young age. After developing his talent, he felt called to use his gift to spread the Gospel and inspire and captivate young minds through music and his creative, fun ways of delivering Biblical messages.

Dan’s love for Jesus shines through every performance. He has a fantastic ability to connect with hundreds of children at once in his uplifting, interactive concerts, which include dynamic recounts of Bible stories, songs, and dancing. Dan’s catchy tunes and engaging performances are popular with children and adults.

A Talented Ventriloquist

One of the highlights of Dan’s performances and what sets Dan apart is his unique companion, Jedd the puppet. Jedd’s zany hair and baggy clothes match his cheeky personality. Together, Dan and Jedd are a dynamic duo entertaining and educating children about important Christian values.

Dan is a talented ventriloquist who uses Jedd to teach kids valuable lessons on the merits of having a Christian attitude. Some of the lessons Dan and Jedd share are short, fun conversations that end with a focus question on topics such as Rules, Asking for Help, Choosing Wisely, and Worrying.

While Jedd is very popular with the kids, adults also enjoy the messages and funny humour.

National and International Tours

Dan tours nationally and internationally, performing at schools, church services and community events.

Dan is also passionate about going to state schools to evangelise to children who would otherwise not get a chance to hear the Gospel. However, the doors for these opportunities are slowly closing, especially in Victoria.

Through his songs, Dan aims to teach children valuable life lessons in a fun and memorable way and present the powerful message of God’s love for everyone.

Dan’s debut album, The Great Adventure, is full of catchy songs full of Biblical messages.

His second album, Jump for Joy, features the Watoto Children’s Choir’s song Be Still and Colin Buchanan’s song The Good Shepherd.

Dan’s third album, Grow, features his hit single Grow and the multi-platinum American kids’ artist The Donut Man’s featured song, God Came Down to Us.

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To find out more about Dan’s music and tour dates, visit click the link to visit his website.

Dan Warlow – Kids Evangelist Features on Vision Kids The Great Adventure album is a wonderful blend of fun, engaging and lyrically rich songs that will have your children singing and dancing along. Click the link to purchase Dan’s debut album, The Great Adventure from the Vision online store.