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Phil Edwards Announces Launch of Vision Kids Radio

by | Thu, Jul 27 2023

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Phil Edwards, Vision Christian Media’s CEO, joined Neil Johnson on 20Twenty to share the exciting news of the launch of Vision Kids Radio, a digital audio channel dedicated to children. Vision Kids Radio will stream 24/7 across all Vision platforms bringing the Good News and Gospel-focused music to every child in a fun-filled way to entertain and educate.

The Founders of Vision Christian Media have been pioneers since 1988, when the organisation first launched into radio. Vision now has around 800 radio stations around the country, fulfilling its mission to spread the Gospel to the four corners of Australia.

Vision has since pioneered to include daily devotionals with The Word for Today and V180, which caters to young people.

Vision Kids is close to Phil’s heart. He believes the world is after the hearts and minds of young children because they are the next generation. Therefore, Phil sees the importance of planting the seeds of God’s Word into the heart and mind of every child so when they are older, they will reap a good harvest.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it,”’ said Phil.

Phil believes it’s not just kids who will enjoy Vision Kids, parents and grandparents will love it too.

‘The music’s great. I’ve been listening to it as I drive and have been enjoying it,’ said Phil. ‘It’s upbeat. It’s the Word of God, and it’s fun.’

Music and Radio Drama

Vision Kids has a fantastic program that includes Australian featured artists Colin Buchanan, Dan Warlow and Sean W. Smith. Every few hours, there’ll be engaging stories presented by Adventures in Odyssey, the Lamplighter Theatre and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. Quicksticks are fun, entertaining and educational snippets of Bible stories. And let’s not forget the all-time favourite, VeggieTales.

‘There are people all around the world doing really good things, and we’ve brought them all together into this one neat package that you can turn on any time, day or night,’ said Phil. ‘I’m not sure how many will be listening at three in the morning, but you never know. Someone on the other side of the world may be listening because Vision Kids will be accessible to everybody everywhere. I can visualise kids playing with their Legos, reading or doing something, and they’ve got Vision Kids playing in the background, sowing those seeds of God’s Word.’

‘I don’t think it’ll take very long for parents to see that Vision Kids is trustworthy and has the Word of God right at its centre. There’s also The Treasury Project verse of the week for kids,’ said Phil. ‘The Vision Kids brand is something we want to grow in the future. I can see video becoming part of this, too, in time. The goal is to help kids look to God daily. That’s what Vision is all about. We reach out to people wherever they are. We talk in their context in a way that’s appropriate for young kids.’

Vision Kids will also appeal to children’s ministries around Australia, looking for carefully curated content to teach young minds about Biblical truths.

Vision Kids has been made possible through Vision’s faithful ministry supporters who believe in Vision’s aim to help people look to God daily, and that includes our next generation of Aussie kids who are under attack daily through misguided misinformation. It is Vision’s hope that Vision Kids will provide them with the truth of God’s Word to discern, question, and stand against lies to defend their faith.

Please help us spread the great news about Vision Kids to all kids, parents, and grandparents you know. And we encourage everyone to sign up to Vision Kids for updates, radio news, and other special announcements.

Vision Kids is available through the free Vision Christian Media app or at

To listen to Phil’s full interview with Neil on 20Twenty, click the link below: