The final moments of Visionathon. A moment not to be missed. Praise God!!

Posted by Vision Christian Radio on Friday, 16 November 2018

Isabel’s Giving Inspires Adults

Robbo & Becci Take Flight!

Australia’s Spiritual Drought

John’s Prison Lifeline Was Vision

A Vision 30 Years In The Making

Dreaming Bigger: Next 30 Years

What is Visionathon?

Visionathon is both a fundraiser and a celebration. It's a time when we celebrate God at work in the lives of everyday people, as we share stories and testimonies from across Australia. It's also an opportunity for you to be part of the family bringing trusted Christian media to our nation, as we gather the funds we need to keep going and keep growing.

Our need for the appeal period is $1 million, which will be split equally between continuing to fund broadcasting a message of true hope on a daily basis, and the funds needed towards securing Vision's next big step of faith - a new home.

Why Do We Need Donations?

Vision is a non-profit charity, and very much a team effort driven by a groundswell of community support - as this chart shows;

These aren't just numbers - they represent lots of fantastic people like you who have seen what God is doing through Vision and have decided to join in. We are extremely grateful to you and each person for this amazing show of support.

When you give during Visionathon, you are helping bring the true hope of the Gospel to thousands of people nationwide.

Your gift is also Tax Deductible (for Australian taxpayers) - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

How can I get involved?

There are 2 ways you can be part of Visionathon;

1. Tune in and be encouraged by the many stories of God at work, and share the excitement as we move toward the fundraising goal. It's very compelling listening! Visionathon will be live on-air across Australia between 13-16 November 2018. Here's how you can tune in;

  • Tune in on the radio - find a local station here.
  • Listen on the app - download now here.
  • Listen online here.

2. Consider what part you can play in securing the funds we need for Vision to keep going and keep growing. If you've already decided, you can even get in early and donate now.

Why Your Support Today Is Important

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future. Or at least, what it might look like given the changes we see all around us.

We have a responsibility to ensure future generations have the opportunity to hear the gospel, and how what we do now will lay the foundations for what will follow.

Your faithfulness and generosity in the past has enabled us to put wings to this audacious dream to uphold and promote God’s Word for every Australian through media that reaches people where they are. (Scroll down for examples of the difference you’ve already made in lives across this nation.)

But there is still much more work to do, and we’ve struck a problem that we need your help to overcome.

Following years of continued growth, Vision’s facilities have reached bursting point, and if we are to continue growing we must move. After much prayer and consideration of what we will need to reach future generations, our board has decided take a step of faith toward securing a new home for Vision.

You’re creating a legacy of True Hope for Every Australian through your long-term investment in Christian media.

Growth for Future Generations

This freestanding building will be a ‘keystone’ for many decades to come, enabling continued growth toward our dream of seeing Australian lives and society redeemed and transformed through Jesus Christ.

It will enable:

  • An equity base to help secure more high power radio transmissions (our vision is to cover the entire nation)
  • A training school for radio announcers and film producers to equip them as ‘media missionaries’
  • Increased ability to better connect God’s Word to specific and diverse cultural groups
  • Capacity to expand our existing news service providing Biblical insight on current events
  • Better resource facilities to support other Christian broadcasters in Australia and the Asia Pacific region

Your help is needed to bring life to even more Australians—today, and in the future.

Will You Partner With Us?

What you do right now impacts tomorrow.

A one-off gift today will see more and more believers continue to be equipped and empowered with the true hope of Jesus.

A monthly gift through our Extra Mile Partner programme—whether it’s just a few dollars or a substantial amount—also means that together we can, God willing, turn back the battle at the gates and continue to proclaim the Word of God.

What Your Support Does

These stories really stood out at as great examples of how God is at work, and how He is using Vision through your support:

Holy Spirit at Work in Australia’s Remote Mining Communities

Imagine every time you said goodbye to your family before going to work, it wasn’t just ‘see you tonight’, it was ‘see you in a week’s or month’s time’. The Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of those living in remote mining communities. Pastor Gavin Douglas from Tom Price, WA shares his town’s story.

Vallint – A 3-Day Only Pioneer 1053 Listener!

It was on the third day of listening to Vision Radio’s brand spanking new station – 1053AM in Brisbane, just three days old, that Vallint rose to the call of Vision Radio’s Visionathon!

Ony Died, Then 20 Minutes Later a Miracle Happened

The doctors and the ambulance people were astounded. They’d already filled in the necessary papers and the police were there to confirm Ony’s death.

Vision Changed My Life

Pina is from Waterford in WA. She’s a relative newbie to Vision Christian Radio, having only discovered the station earlier this year.  In that short time she says it has come to mean a great deal to her.

Janet – Bible first, THEN Vision

Janet’s a Vision supporter from Fairfield in Sydney’s western suburbs who did say the first thing she does is listen to Vision Radio.

Tim Cedar Creek & Yvonne from Clifton (Queensland)

Tim from Cedar Creek, in South East Queensland, who said he was prompted by the Spirit to make a donation to the Vision Radio appeal.

Vision Is There For Alan On The Road

It’s because of his work that Alan doesn’t have the time to get to church. That’s where Vision plays a big part in Alan’s life.

Vision Helped Me Through A Traumatic Divorce – Adam

‘I would not be able to live without Vision’. Adam has been beset with ill health and the trauma of a divorce.

‘Vision Helped Save My Life, Literally’

“Listening to Vision has brought me back from the edge twice and has saved my life when I was desperate and in a state of hopelessness,” shared Suzanne from Bairnsdale Victoria.

True Hope for Every Australian

Vision’s mission is to bring true hope to every Australian. And in every Visionathon, we here so many stories of lives changed and impacted by God working through us. We know there are countless stories which we won’t get to hear, but those people who do call us remind us that we are making a real difference every day.

Mark – the ‘Blood’ Vision Radio Donor from Tassie

“It’s always worth listening to. It’s good programming, wholesome, and there’s the teaching.” Mark from Tasmania installs sites, distributes Word For the Day, and donates blood..bigtime!

Equipped By Vision

It’s hard sometimes to talk about your faith with someone from a different faith – someone who has an honestly-held set of beliefs, someone who is sure that those beliefs are true. How do you deal with them with grace, and with love…

Bringing Vision to a Community

Hazel shares her story about our 700th community, Lake Nash in NT, which recently connected to Vision Radio. “I lived at Lake Nash for 20-years and I’d heard other Aboriginal communities were getting it (Vision Radio), but I didn’t understand how they got it,” Hazel said.

Esther from Kangaroo Island, SA

“To me Vision is like a breath of fresh air, a light in the darkness – that’s what Vision is.” Esther, who lost her husband 2-and-a-half years ago in 2015, said Vision Radio has been a strong companion for her during her troubles.

Hal Short – A pioneer who made Vision Christian Radio possible

Hal Short, was there at the very beginning of Christian radio and shares about coming to Australia to launch Christian radio for the very first time.

“We’d be looking across the nation and thinking, ‘Lord, what You’ve been doing with us we want to see go into this country.”

Steve Grace – I Saw the Light

The Australian musician spends most of his life on the road visiting remote communities where Vision is a key part of his ministry in sharing the Good News.

Braille, Love & God’s Perfect Timing

It was ‘Testimony Tuesday’ on Vision radio. Steve from Chinchilla called in to share a story and uplift the name of God. While he was on the phone, he happened to mention that he’d met an 11-year-old girl who is blind. He said it would be lovely to see a Perkins Braille machine organised for her.

Finding Purpose Through Jesus

Peter was once an alcoholic and a criminal, living what he calls ‘a purposeless life’. But a visit to his parents’ church began a miraculous transformation. Now he’s a travelling evangelist, bringing hope to the outback on his motorcycle.

Hope Can Turn A Life Around

Gourmet food distributor and boxing trainer Don Fakhry found that out for himself more than 20 years ago. Now he spends every spare moment helping the broken find hope.

God’s call for Vision Radio in the Territory

This is Steve from Chinchilla, Queensland who shared how he and his wife Sharon were travelling through the Northern Territory last week.

Lois from Flying Fish Point

Most importantly for Vision Radio is Lois and the many Vision listeners like Lois who are responding to the Vision Radio appeal to keep the ministry impacting Australia.

Why many listen to Vision Radio – the unspoken word ‘LONELINESS’

We hear this frequently – that Vision Radio is a ‘pick-me-up’ for listeners going through a ‘valley’ experience and when the ‘chips are down.’

Defending the Faith with Love

So what is an apologist? Pastor Vines explained that the word sprung from the Greek term apologia, which means to give a defence with love.

‘My passion is for people who are far from God, who are skeptical, who are even antagonistic.’

All Day Every Day Vision Radio – Kathleen from Petrie, Qld

“I just turn it down very low when I go to bed at night and walk past it and put it back on in the morning and it’s on all day. I don’t like to turn it off, it’s just such a wonderful influence in our lives.”

‘We Are Not Alone’ – Bruce from Wondai Qld

“In these isolated communities where there’s not a lot of fellowship or pastoral ministry it’s great to be able to say, ‘Hey, go to Vision Christian media, go to The Word for Today, be part of it, that resource is there to use.”    

A Solace for My Soul ‘ Mandy SA

“Within a few minutes (of listening to Vision Radio) I literally felt a massive sense of peace. My thoughts were being replaced with things that were lovely, true, and praiseworthy.” This is Mandy who’s been listening to Vision Radio for about 2 years after having a session or two with a Christian counsellor.

Vision Radio Brings Unity and Diversity

Linda from Kingaroy in Queensland shares about the unifying effect Vision Radio has had in the community in the way it’s unified the churches. “It’s the talk, all the interviews are brilliant…”

The Sheep and the Good Shepherd – Anna Heatherington

Anna Heatherington is living through the worst drought on record. There’s been no decent rain for more than 6 years.

But God’s given Anna a whole new perspective and she spoke about an incident that occurred when moving a mob of sheep into a laneway…baa one!

John Lost His Family and Went to Prison, But God Had a Plan

John thought he had lost everything after spending 7 years in prison and being disowned by his family. But God had a plan to restore his life and bring healing family wounds.

Kylie from Charleville

This is about the power of the Word of God and a very brave and courageous woman, Kylie.

Bridget from Albany WA

Bridget’s a Vision donor from Albany, WA, who wanted to thank Vision Radio for the difference it’s made in her life.

Anita – Received Jesus at a Billy Graham Crusade

Anita was just a teenager when she attended the Billy Graham Crusade in Auckland back in 1969. Ten years later I was living in Sydney and (The Billy Graham Crusade) wanted counsellors.

Hope During A Time Of Grief – Pam From QLD

“I lost my husband 12 years ago and Greg Laurie was talking about heaven. I was just so close to God and I couldn’t even cry at the funeral because I knew where my husband was in heaven.”

Glenda – A Perth 10 Year Vision Listener

This is Glenda from Perth – a loyal listener to Vision Radio, and from what Glenda has said Vision has stood the test of time, not just for Glenda but for many, many listeners.

‘Stretching the Tent Pegs’

George wants other Vision listeners to join him saying it’s about ‘stretching the tent pegs’.

Susan from Wagin WA

“10 days ago Phil, my husband of 42 years passed away.” Susan said that although Phil’s death has left the family devastated her resolve has been to keep Christ at the centre of her life through this time of grief.

Simon – widower South East Qld

“The music certainly helps uplift your spirit when you’re down, for myself and my son who’s only 8. Vision makes you realise you’re not alone and there are other people travelling that same path.” Simon is a recent widower, a solo dad with an 8-year old son after losing his wife to cancer 12-months ago.

From Prison to Preacher

‘When you’re an angry violent person, and you’re in a big city like Newcastle upon Tyne, you can have as much trouble as you can handle.’ Dougie March thought he could handle anything. He was a member of an infamous gang of football hooligans, who followed Newcastle FC around the UK, getting in trouble.

Melissa Ferntree Gully Dandenong Vic

Melissa from Ferntree Gully in Victoria, a donor to the November Visionathon, has been battling depression and anxiety for 24 years. “When the worries of the day become too big I tune into Vision, focus on God, His love, and how incredibly good He is to me,” Melissa testified.

Persecution Road

Pauline Sangham is a Christian radio broadcaster from South Africa. Her show has more than 60,000 listeners, but like every Christian, she has struggled with her faith. When she was wrestling with difficult questions, God sent Pauline a vivid dream which revealed both hard truth, and amazing hope.

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