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Visionathon - Its Time to Shine - Tune In May 23-26
Visionathon - Its Time to Shine - Tune In May 23-26

‘You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden.’ Matthew 5:14 CSB

What is Visionathon?

At first glance, many would say Visionathon is a fundraiser so that Vision and keep going and keep growing. But it is so much more than that!

Visionathon is also a huge celebration as we hear and see uplifting stories of how God is at work in the lives of everyday Australians right now in 2023. And it’s a declaration of faith that God can supply our needs, just as we have seen Him do over the last three-and-a-half decades of Vision’s ministry.

It is also an invitation – for you – to help people look to God daily by ensuring Vision can continue shining the light of God’s Word through broadcast, print and digital media across Australia. Every donation will make a difference, and as we all stand together, the brighter our light will shine!

2022 Donation Forecast

*Note: These percentages are based on 2022 calendar year forecasts, and are subject to change

Why Do We Need Donations? 

Because your donation makes Vision possible!

Vision is a non-profit charity made possible by generous-hearted people with a passion to shine the light of the gospel to every corner of Australia. Almost 90% of our operating costs are covered by donations from people like you who know the power of God’s Word and share our heart. As the world we know is rapidly changing, now more than ever, there is an urgency to defend the faith and win souls for Jesus. We are humbled by the generosity of special people like you who have seen what God is doing through Vision and have felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to join in partnership with us. We are incredibly grateful for your support.

When you give during Visionathon, you will be helping thousands of people nationwide look to God daily.  

Your gift is also tax deductible (for Australian taxpayers) – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 

How much is needed?  

This Visionathon we’re stretching our faith like never before, believing God for $1.5 million to go toward the ongoing operating cost of Vision’s 24/7 hour media ministry, plus an additional $500,000 to go toward a very special project: securing our place on DAB+ radio in Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane.

$2 million is a big and stretching goal – in fact it’s our biggest declaration of faith ever. But we also know that God equips the called, so as we faithfully follow His lead, we can trust Him to supply our need.

Today, as in biblical times God is looking for people who will shine the light of His truth to the world. Will you stretch your faith with us to help people across our nation look to God?

It’s Time to Shine! 

We, as Christians, are uniquely positioned to be a light in the darkness. Secular media has its own agenda, where God is definitely not in the picture, and the focus is on fear and uncertainty – a continual reminder that we live in a broken world, without hope.

Vision, on the other hand, focuses on encouraging people by proclaiming the Gospel, uniting believers, affirming God’s promises, challenging Christians to step forward to defend their faith, restoring broken lives, and praying for people and our nation. You’ll hear lots of stories about how God is on the move in people’s lives during Visionathon! Vision is a beacon of hope is reaching people right where they are with a reminder that Jesus Christ is the only source of true hope and salvation.

Vision is able to be available 24/7 nationwide because of people like you who have donated in the past and continue to do so today. That’s why your donation during Visionathon will be crucial. You and thousands of others will be joining together in an amazing display of faith and unity to raise the funds needed for Vision to keep going strong.

Your donation will be fuel in the tank so that Vision can keep going and keep growing through new opportunities like DAB+ digital radio in Brisbane, or keeping one of our regional stations on-air, or introducing someone to The Word for Today devotional or the Vision App… and so much more, as we work together to shine the light of God’s good news to every corner of Australia through media.

So please consider how much seed  you will sow during Visionathon, or if you’re ready to give now, click the donate button below.
Thank you.

It's Time To Shine
It's Time To Shine

Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’  John 8:12 NIV

How can I get involved?

There are 2 ways you can be part of Visionathon:

1 – Tune in and be encouraged by the many stories of God at work, and share the excitement as we move toward the fundraising goal. It’s very compelling listening! Visionathon will be live on-air across Australia between 23 – 26 May 2023. Here’s how you can tune in:

  • Tune in on the radio – find a local station here. 
  • Listen on the app – download now here. 
  • Listen online here. 

2 – Consider what part you can play in securing the funds we need for Vision to help us keep going and power into 2023 and beyond. If you’ve already decided to give, you can get in early and donate now.

Will You Partner With Us?

What you do right now impacts tomorrow.

A one-off gift today will see more and more believers continue to be equipped and empowered with the true hope of Jesus.

A monthly gift through our Extra Mile Partner programme, whether just a few dollars or a substantial amount, also means that together we can continue God’s work of spreading the Gospel and bringing hope and healing to this broken world.