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A Family Destroyed By Drug Addiction is Restored

by | Tue, May 16 2023

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Neil Johnson, host of 20Twenty shares how important his father’s watch is to him. Even though it’s stopped working, it holds sentimental value, reminding him of his family bond and his relationship with his father.

‘My father died 30 years ago, and I guess if I took this to a jeweller, they might be able to get it going again. But whether it’s going or not, I’ll never throw this away because it has that father-son connection,’ said Neil. ‘An intergenerational connection which is really, really important. These sorts of stories bind us together as families. These sorts of stories bind us together as people who safeguard those who are listening. We’re like one big family.’

Another important story to the Vision family is from Vision Radio listeners, Laurel and Stephen from Orange in New South Wales. We often hear all about how Vision has shone a light when people are going through difficult and trying times. Neil shares the letter we received from Laurel and Stephen.

‘I just love listening to Vision. It plays through the app all day at work and at home. I love the teaching, the testimonies, the political discussions and the information and of course the announcers and the music.

The Destructiveness of Drug Addiction

We’ve been on a journey over the past eight years. My daughter-in-law has been caught up in drug addiction, which has been very difficult. I watched my very creative and energetic son be so crushed as he struggled through with his three little girls. I heard so many testimonies over the time that gave me great encouragement and I kept praying and believing for God to set her free.

Six years and it was only getting worse until Family and Community Services came and removed her children from her care. My son had already moved out and they were sharing the care of the children. They moved in with us and we’d given up hope of resolution. This was the final blow for her and she had contemplated suicide. But because her daughter’s birthday was the next week, she felt she couldn’t do that to her daughter. I had given up hope.

Rebuilding Lives

The girls were now safe and my son could rebuild his life. She went back into rehab, and was kicked out for breaking the rules. She got back in again, and this time she put her heart and soul into getting well. And she did.

I’m pleased to say that last week they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and recommitted their vows to each other. They’ve been back together since September. If it hadn’t been for all that I was hearing on Vision, giving me hope and strength to face it all and to be able to forgive her and welcome her back, I don’t think I could have done it. Thank you so much. The work you do is incredible.’

These are the sorts of stories that make Vision’s ministry so worthwhile. Together with Vision, you can shine your light for God and help more people across Australia look to God daily.

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