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Big Warm Radio Hugs: How Vision Helped Leah Through Her Recovery

by | Thu, May 25 2023

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Longtime listener Leah discovered Vision through a family friend. She values the faith and life encouragement, and it inspires her to help others. Recently, she underwent a surprise triple bypass, and Vision has been a tremendous source of support during her recovery.

Leah appreciates Vision, and likens it to receiving big warm radio hugs. She says she is still coming to terms with her surgery, but knows that God’s hand was in it all. ‘Even going into surgery, I just felt like God was holding me in his hands.’

Leah has been listening to Vision for a couple of years, and finds that it’s a constant reminder to her that God is there.  ‘The programming and the music is very encouraging,’ she says. ‘What I especially love most are the personal testimonies. It just reminds me that God is truly alive and He’s touching people’s lives.’

After recently going in to retirement, Leah is waiting for God to guide her next steps. ‘I want to make sure I’m doing what God wants and I really just want to be a servant in whichever way He wants to use me.’

For Leah, one thing she feels she can do right now is support Vision reaching out to the four corners of the country. ‘It’s just such a powerful outreach touching people’s lives,’ she says. ‘It’s what the Kingdom of God is all about, and that’s what I want to be a part of.’

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