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Diane and Kevin’s Faith Strengthened by Vision

by | Tue, Nov 15 2022

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It is the first day of Visionathon! The starter gun was fired, and Robbo and Becci were excited to welcome their first caller, Diane, in Melbourne. Vision has been a part of Diane and her husband, Kevin’s story for quite a while. They have been encouraged by reading The Word for Today every day. Diane said it particularly helped to solidify Kevin’s faith who has been quite unwell. He’s had surgery for skin cancer and has gone into care.

‘Vision is a wonderful station and has been a wonderful support for Kevin and I. I have the radio station on all night,’ said Diane. ‘It’s been so uplifting. So inspiring. It reminds us that we need God in our lives. It’s good to know that I’m able to call a human being who loves the Lord as I do.’

Helping to Look to God Daily

Diane appreciates that there is a radio station that helps people look to God daily and is so personal and wants people to know and love the Lord with all their heart and all their soul as she does.

‘To know that other people are praying for us, even though we don’t know who they are, is wonderful. We are thankful to help raise money for more people to know the wealth and everything that God wants to give us. It’s just so wonderful. And it’s been wonderful for Kevin to be able to read The Word For Today every day.’

Encouragement from The Word For Today

Diane said Kevin gets a great deal of encouragement by reading The Word For Today while he’s in care and away from Diane. They both feel very much a part of the Vision family. Whenever Diane visits Kevin, she tells him that Robbi and Becci send their love, and it makes his day.

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Watch or Listen to Diane’s full interview from Visionathon below: