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Finding Peace In God’s Word When Your Driveway is 7km Long

by | Fri, May 19 2023

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Leah from V180 Radio shared how much her beloved dog, Benny, meant to her. Sadly, he passed away last year. She misses him a lot. To keep his memory alive, she keeps a photo of him on her desk.

Leah is encouraged by the messages that come through from Vision supporters. She shares one from Christie, who lives on a large property in South Australia.

Considering Australia is such a big country, some people own properties that are bigger than some European nations. Their driveways can be up to seven kilometres long. This rules out borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbour or inviting them over for a cuppa. It also means there are a lot of people out there that are lonely.

Christie wrote to Vision to share her story about how her husband works away from home and is away for long periods of time. At night when her son goes to sleep, she’s alone and isolated in her home. It’s easy in that situation to experience fear and anxiety, but Vision has played a major role in keeping her calm and peaceful.

Christie attributes this to the extraordinary power of God’s word. It has the ability to get deep inside us to destroy fear, to bring peace, to grow hope and change the human heart and still the mind.

‘That’s what Christie said she experiences every day. And I hope that when you’re feeling alone and anxious, you remember to find us on Vision,’ said Leah.

These are the sorts of stories that make Vision’s ministry so worthwhile. Vision’s mission to spread the Gospel to the four corners of Australia means people like Christie who are isolated from the local community will not feel alone and will have their faith strengthened every day.

Vision has over 800 radio stations installed throughout Australia to ensure God’s Word reaches even the most isolated places. This is something you, as our supporters, have made possible through your generous donations and passion to help us spread the good news of the Gospel. Thank you for being a part of Vision’s ministry to help people look to God daily.

Together with Vision, you can shine your light for God and help more people across Australia look to God daily.

If you aren’t already, would you like to be a part of Vision’s ministry? Click the link to find out how you can help Vision impact people’s lives by looking to God daily.

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