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Finding Solace in Faith: Shane’s Journey to Healing

by | Tue, May 23 2023

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Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a spouse of 44 years is devastating. Sadly that was the reality for Shane Wilkin from Williamstown in SA. While his family provided him with much comfort and support, Shane realised he could not navigate the grief alone.

It was during this difficult time that he found solace in his faith and drew closer to God, eventually finding salvation in Jesus. Vision played a significant role in Shane’s healing journey by providing daily refreshment for his soul.

‘I lost my wife last year on the morning of our 44th wedding anniversary,’ says Shane. ‘Initially, it was my wonderful family that got me through, but I knew I could no longer do this alone. God drew me nearer to Him, and I have since found our Lord Jesus.’

‘I am saved. HE has saved me. I now listen to Vision Radio almost every day. Your station has played a big part by refreshing the Holy Spirit within me. Thank you to you all.’

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