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From Adventure to Academics: How Vision Radio Inspires Dianne’s Journey

by | Wed, May 24 2023

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70-year-old Dianne Case from Tamworth is currently studying Linguistics, and is looking forward to graduating soon. She believes it’s never too late to pursue our dreams and serve God. Dianne lives alone, and appreciates the company that Vision provides. She loves the music, is grateful she can contribute to Visionathon.

‘It’s never too late to do anything,’ says Dianne. ‘I’ve done a trek in Nepal. I love jumping off cliffs. I love scuba diving. I have an adventurous spirit.’

Dianne hopes to become more involved in Bible translation when she finishes her degree, but is content to wait on God to call her to her next adventure. She listens to Vision on the app, and has it playing in the background while she’s studying.

‘I appreciate what Vision has done for me,’ says Dianne. ‘I know the testimonies of some of those who have been touched by the Gospel through Vision.’

‘It’s so important that you continue on. You’re doing a brilliant job, and I just felt in my heart that it’s time to give again.’

We never tire of hearing stories of how people’s lives are being impacted by Vision Radio. This is the seed you are sowing your money into! Wouldn’t you love to be part of more stories like Dianne’s?

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