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From Redundancy to Reinvention

by | Tue, May 23 2023

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‘I discovered Vision about 18 months ago by accident after moving to Tasmania from Melbourne about two years ago and have been supporting you ever since discovering Vision,’ said Richard.

At the start of 2020, I told my work that in 2021 I would start transitioning to retirement and only work four days per week. Covid lockdowns affected the business where I worked, and in May 2020 was made redundant. I reinvented myself as a handyman and brought all my tools home from work to try to store them in an overcrowded single garage where I did woodturning in my spare time. It was very hard to work out of the crowded shed, and it wasn’t long before my wife and I were looking for a house with a larger shed.

We had planned a trip to Tasmania in Feb of 2021. When my wife told a friend, she replied that she could imagine us living there. I had never been to Tasmania, had no family or friends here and only knew of my wife’s nephew who lived here. With the thought of possibly moving here to live, we started looking at houses online, wanting to be obedient to where The Lord would lead us.

After three weeks in Tasmania (my first trip here), we put in an offer for a shed with a house attached on the east Coast of Tasmania. We have been here about two years now, and I am setting up the shed to do woodturning as an outreach.

I have no doubt that God led us to Tasmania, although it was a great step of faith to leave the house we had called home for 35 years and all the friends and support we had there. God obviously has plans for us here.

I discovered Vision as I had become fed up with the local stations and carefully went through the radio dial. I am so pleased to have found Vision, as it helps keep me on track in my walk as I work in the shed. The teaching sessions, interviews and The Story are so inspiring. Keep up the great work.’

It’s great to hear stories like Richard’s and how Vision is helping him look to God daily to keep him on track in his Christian walk.

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