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Janea – Once homeless but now sane, thanks to Vision

by | Fri, Jun 2 2017

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Janea from South East Queensland has recently re-connected with Vision radio after a struggle that has included being homeless.

And Janea has just given to Visionathon out of her need after car troubles.

“I’d just lost the brakes on my car but I gave the money to Vision that was meant to pay for the repairs,” Janea said.

But some good news was coming. The mechanic told her it wasn’t faulty brake pads. The car was OK, and best of all, he wouldn’t take any money!

Vision kept me sane through all the things that have happened

Earlier Janea, who lives on Mount Tambourine, and who was made homeless  in Newcastle NSW, hit the road and ended up at Chinderah near the Queensland border.

Short story. Janea reconnected with Vision and it was programs like Bob Gass with his Word For the Day that kept her sane.

Janea is now a staunch listener to Vision and encouraged others to give to the Visionathon.

“Basically prayer and praise and hope and faith is what you guys generate. That’s why I cling to Vision and always have and miss it when I can’t get to it.”