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Learning and Growing with Vision: Why Steven Values Every Nugget of Wisdom

by | Fri, May 26 2023

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Steven from Blackwater has been listening to Vision for over 20 years, and says he thinks of it as a beloved companion. Steven helped fund the Blackwater station many years ago, and cherishes learning and connecting through Vision’s programs and podcasts.

Steven has seen first-hand the difference that Vision is making in Blackwater. Over the years the town has changed, leaving only three churches in the area. Having Vision in the community is greatly appreciated.

Steven says he enjoys reading the different stories and articles from Vision, as well as the teaching on the radio. ‘There’s always something different,’ he says. ‘I may not get to hear the full story sometimes because of my work, but there’s always a nugget or two that I can pick up.’

‘There’s always something you can learn. And I’m always trying to learn more and be better in that regard.’

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