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Massive Revival Among First and Second Nation People

by | Wed, May 24 2023

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Daniel Jones was a drug addict and alcoholic until he turned his life around and is now a mighty man of God and senior pastor at Cross Culture Church in Ingham, QLD. Daniel shared the amazing revival occurring among First and Second Nation people.

‘We’ve seen a mighty move of God amongst First Nation and Second Nation people. Even out to Palm Island, we did a crusade out there in 2021, and we saw over 100 people give their lives to Christ on the island, which is a mighty thing in itself,’ said Daniel. ‘But what was even more awesome was that I baptised about 40 people … By the end of it, there were signs, wonders, miracles, and even demonic deliverance was taking place on the foot of the shore all the way up to the grass. It was a mighty move of God that day. That’s one testimony of many that’s been happening here in north Queensland.’

Daniel uses Vision Christian Media’s resources in his ministry. While Daniel read The Word For Today as part of his personal devotions, he had been looking at finding a discipleship course to use for his ministry.

‘I tried a bunch of different courses, even some I’d written personally, and I really wasn’t getting anywhere to what I felt was the right culture or vibe to what we felt God had for us in terms of discipleship in our church. Then I felt the Holy Spirit point out The Word For Today,’ said Daniel. ‘I started to do a bit of a survey around my church, and I found out that about nearly 70% of my church was already using The Word For Today. And so what I did is I just started to use that on a personal level right through my life and the entire church. But also, in our Connect groups, we started to tailor some of our messages and the things we were going to discuss on what was going to be coming up in The Word For Today.

So, I know you don’t want me to do this, but anyone that could donate, I would encourage them. Either a pastor, leader or just a believer, because what you guys do is amazing, and it’s an amazing resource that, in my years of travelling, I haven’t seen in other parts of the world.’

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