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Road Riders for Jesus

by | Fri, May 26 2023

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Steve Schiller travels around Australia with his motorbike ministry, Road Riders for Jesus. Their mission is to fulfil the Great Commission of making disciples and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

‘I meet a lot of people that listen to Vision, and I find that it seems to be a connection between a lot of Christians. Vision is something that builds people’s lives and keeps putting the seed into people’s lives all the time,’ said Steve. ‘I’m a mobile mechanic, and I like having a little bit of something going on in the background. I find it builds my day, and it’s not just company; Vision puts the Word of God into your heart and sows incorruptible seed that just keeps growing.’

‘A lot of what we do in the Road Riders for Jesus ministry is sow seeds. Evangelism is not all about winning people to Jesus. It’s about preparing their hearts to receive him,’ said Steve. ‘I heard someone in a conversation today say that it takes at least five times for them to hear the Gospel until they open their heart. That’s the average person. So imagine what’s going on when people tune in to Vision. Some people are very lost. We keep hearing testimonies of someone who found the station and started listening, and before long, they received the Lord into their lives and were transformed.’

Steve has released a book called The Raw Edge of the Christian Experience that is filled with powerful testimonies.

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