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Saved From New Age Recruitment

by | Tue, May 16 2023

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Glyn shares her amazing story of how God intervenes at just the right moment when she calls out to Him in prayer.

‘I arrived in country Western Australia, and I was introduced to a local family. Within hours of my arrival, I was introduced to the Bible. It was really confronting, and at first, I felt so unworthy. I thought these people who I’d just met were telling me how unworthy I was and that there was no hope for me.

Once I realised we are all unworthy, but through grace, I could be forgiven, I couldn’t get my head out of the Bible.

Calling Upon Dead Spirits

I was digging deep and on my own search when a new friend took me down a different path and invited me to a small group gathering. They were on a self-discovery path of self-help and calling upon spirits. I was questioning everything; isn’t it wrong to call upon dead spirits? But this group had clever answers to questions that didn’t sit right with me. But so many things seemed acceptable, and they always opened in prayer. I didn’t remove myself from the group. I needed friends.
I kept a daily journal of all my thoughts and concerns.

Then this same friend invited me to a weekend reiki course. I couldn’t afford the course, but my friend was insistent about me attending and even paid for me. I wasn’t excited about attending, but I was easily led and unable to say the word ‘No’ to anyone.

Supernatural Intervention

The morning of the workshop, I became sick, I struggled to move, my legs were too weak for me to stand, I could not open my eyes to the light, and I struggled with any noise, the ring of the telephone was deafening.

My friend phoned to see why I hadn’t arrived at the workshop, and I told him I was too sick to attend the course. He insisted that I get myself there, and the participants would heal me with reiki, but that was impossible.

Monday morning, I bounced out of bed, nothing wrong with me. I read through my journal and noticed my constant calling out to God, daily screaming out for help.
I knew God had prevented me from going to that reiki course and I’ll be forever grateful that I only stood on the outskirts of that deep hole when Jesus rescued me.

Finding Stability Through Church

I became a part of a local church. I found a family and was baptised and helped run the kids’ church. I made loads of good friends. Today, 30 years on many of those church friends are still a part of my life.

At this very moment, I’m having my struggles and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve relocated for family. The bills are rolling in and I need work, but the difference is I know God is in control, and it is God whom I seek.’

Thank you, Glyn, for shining your light by sharing your story. God is faithful and will not fail us if we call out to Him.

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