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Shining Light into Darkness Through DAB+ Radio

by | Tue, May 23 2023

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Natalie in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, has been listening to Vision Radio for a long time through low-powered radio station transmitters that can sometimes be hit and miss in picking up the signal. Then she heard some exciting news!

‘I was reading The Word For Today, and I saw the ad about the digital station,’ said Natalie. ‘I got really excited because I have digital in my car. I thought it would be so great to drive around Brisbane and listen to Vision clearly.’

Natalie is referring to Vision’s trial of DAB+ Radio, which is currently reaching people around the greater Brisbane region and some areas of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The technology is so powerful, making listening crystal clear. Most new model cars already have DAB+ Radio installed. Later model cars can replace the radio with DAB+ Radio easily enough.

While Vision makes do with what’s made available, the low-powered FM services do have limited coverage, and sometimes they even compete with other stations. Vision has been praying for a long time for a solution, especially for the major cities because that’s where the majority of Australians live. Hobart, in Tasmania, was one answer to prayer when a high-powered service became available.

Then an incredible opportunity came to have citywide coverage in Brisbane on the digital radio broadcast platform (DAB+ Radio). Our commitment to continue this service after the initial three-month trial period will cost $1 million. This is why this Visionathon’s $2 million appeal is higher than usual, as $500K will go towards securing DAB+ Radio after the trial period.

Vision is just a wonderful station,’ said Natalie. ‘It has such a great variety of Christian music, and I really enjoy listening to it as I’m driving around. I can switch it on and listen wherever I go. It’s wonderful. I hope that it will be able to continue on in the future. So, I just wanted to get on board and support that and encourage everyone to get on board as well and give to Visionathon. It’s a great station.’

Vision is grateful for Natalie’s donation and for sharing the value having Vision playing 24/7 has in people’s lives.

‘To hear Christian music during the day when I’m at work and might be feeling stressed or anxious and have that wonderful music playing,’ said Natalie. ‘And the messages that come through can sometimes be the right message at the right time. It definitely strengthens my faith. It’s great that it can be accessed by everybody.’

It’s so powerful when we hear words at the right time. Your donation to Vision enables that to happen all across Australia as we reach out to people with words of life and hope and even the lyrics of the songs we play.

Now is a great time to call in on 1800 316 316, at or in the free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.

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