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Sowing Seeds of Faith: Karen’s Challenge to Donate to Visionathon

by | Tue, May 23 2023

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Karen from Slacks Creek says she wanted to get in early and donate to Visionathon because she loves the Lord, and wants to help others discover Him for themselves.

‘I’ve been using your books and Bible study notes,’ says Karen. ‘And the Bible readings are just so good. Our church gets them, and I also give them to my friends.’

Karen’s church has been receiving The Word For Today for about a year now, and she loves to give them out to her friends. She’s also hosting a couple of international students in her home, and enjoys taking them to church as well.

‘They come and they see that the Word is spoken,’ says Karen. ‘They’re listening and they interact. One young Japanese student said to me, I found the books helpful. Reading it is just as effective as speaking.’

Karen believes in the use of the Bible and Christian literature to teach English, as the values of the Bible are being taught as well. The message of salvation comes through loud and clear. Karen wants to challenge everyone to make their donation to Visionathon to help as many people as possible hear the good news of the gospel.

‘I have put this into practice myself many times,’ says Karen. ‘I have sown by faith, even out of my leanness. If you give, you will sow into the kingdom of God and He will pour out a blessing that you cannot contain.’

Wouldn’t you love to be part of teaching God’s word to those around the world? Missionaries have been doing that for generations. It’s not only educating, but it’s setting people free because that’s what the power of God’s word does.

We never tire of hearing stories of how people’s lives are being impacted by Vision. This is the seed you are sowing your money into! Wouldn’t you love to be part of more stories like Karen’s?

You can respond right now with your donation on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.

Watch Karen’s full interview below: