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Spreading the Gospel through Media: The Power of Christian Communication with Pastor Peter Pilt

by | Fri, May 26 2023

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Sunshine Coast Pastor Peter Pilt knows the impact of widespread communication. As the Business Manager of Freedom Broadband, he advocates for the power of Christian media to inspire and encourages others to join the movement.

Peter has been a Vision supporter for many years, and he is passionate about sharing the Gospel with as many people as possible. He specialises in internet communication and believes it’s a great platform to be creative in how we share the good news of Jesus.

‘I’ve learned over the years that the methodology you use is key in effective communication,’ says Peter. ‘For example, if the internet is slow, communication is ineffective. As a pastor, I can have the best message of hope in Jesus. But if I can’t communicate it then the message is lost.’

Peter is a passionate supporter of Vision because he believes in sharing the message of Jesus in a positive environment. ‘But if we can’t raise enough money to communicate it, the message is lost. The reason why I’m excited to be part of Visionathon is that when people donate, they’re actually enabling that communication.’

Harnessing the power of the media to broadcast the gospel is something that Peter believes is vital. ‘Just as the Internet is a conduit for communication,’ says Peter, ‘I see Vision as a conduit for a great message to go out right across the nation of Australia.’

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