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The Gift that Keeps on Giving: How Vision Radio Inspires and Encourages Leanne

by | Wed, May 24 2023

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Leanne is a monthly giver and passionate advocate for sharing God’s word. Vision inspires her, especially in tough times, reminding her of Jesus’ love. Leanne attends Homestead fellowship, which hosts a Burrum Heads station where her church community enjoys listening to Vision.

Leanne says she absolutely loves Vision, and calls it the gift that keeps on giving. ‘That joy is spread all over the airwaves, and we can’t see those smiles. But we can feel them.’

Leanne wants to encourage people to give to Visionathon, and she reminds us all that our donations are tax deductible. ‘When you get that money back in your tax, you can give it again!’

Leanne appreciates the way that Vision helps spread the good news of the gospel across the airwaves. ‘The different pastors that you have, and the chaplains are wonderful,’ she says. ‘It’s good for the youth to know they can go to chaplains in the school and talk.’

Leanne’s church has an antenna on top of their roof to help broadcast Vision around the local area. ‘If everyone can have that in all the towns everywhere,’ she says, ‘and especially what you’re doing in Brisbane, that’s a great thing to be a part of.’

For Leanne, knowing that Vision can reach all parts of the nation with the gospel is a great opportunity for those who don’t always read the bible. ‘If people are in a hurry, they can turn the radio on and they can hear the word being spoken with so much joy.’

Many of us have the love of God in our hearts, but if we’re having a really bad day Leanne believes we can get that peace from the worship and the music on the radio. ‘You can join in and feel that you’re part of the family, worshipping the Lord and hearing and spreading the word. Even by planting that little seed, you’re helping with the harvest.’

‘It’s so wonderful the work that you’re doing. And I really pray that you’ll reach your Visionathon goal. We know that God works miracles!’

We never tire of hearing stories of how people’s lives are being impacted by Vision Radio. This is the seed you are sowing your money into! Wouldn’t you love to be part of more stories like Leanne’s?

You can respond right now with your donation on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.