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They said “It Can’t Be Done”

by | Tue, Nov 16 2021

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Heather and David In Wagga Wagga, NSW

We’re in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. We can’t actually get Vision Radio in Wagga, but really, really appreciate The Word For Today that comes through in a box of 50 every three months. We’d love to be able to listen to Vision Radio personally, but we can’t in Wagga. But the Word For Today just speaks mightily to us and to others every day. We distribute those devotionals and they go out of our household pretty fast. We letterbox drop them into letterboxes locally.

Any tradies or anyone that come to the house usually leave with The Word For Today under their arm, and also, I notate them gladly.

Our whole area has been transformed by prayer and also by the Lord Jesus doing it. He’s doing it. Praise the Lord. He’s transformed our area into a quiet, peaceful, wonderful, mighty place to live. We’re very grateful to the Lord.

Years ago when we lived at The Rock, south of Wagga, we wanted to set up Vision Christian Radio reception in The Rock. The church parishioner said, “No, can’t be done. Not interested. Can’t be done.” We said, “Wait. Watch this. We’ll do it.”

So David and I stepped forward ourselves privately. And now, to this day, The Rock in New South Wales has Vision Christian Radio on! We also helped to set up, with your help, the radio station at Lockhart and Ganmain. The three of them, we privately funded those ourselves, because quite frankly…

you don’t need a great crowd. It just needs one or two people to step forward and just say, “Go for it, and just do it.”

And just be like the little red hen and just say, “Okay, we can do it.”

So I encourage everyone to step out and set up another branch of Vision Christian Radio in your little community. Go for it. More power to the Lord. He’s doing it all. Praise God. And thank you, Vision Christian Media.

Thank you

Thank you for partnering together to make new stations happen!

Please believe together with us for a revival in the heart of every Australian.

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