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Trusting in God’s Provision: How Kerrie-Anne’s Leap of Faith Paid Off

by | Fri, May 26 2023

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A mother of six, Kerrie-Anne from Nuriootpa in SA is a regular listener to Rise & Shine. Knowing that God has consistently provided for her, she was inspired to increase her Visionathon donation to $3000.

Even in the face of financial challenges, Kerrie-Anne managed to open a gym and then expanded to opening a second one. She is trusting in God for her next big venture.

‘When God asked me to open a gym we had no money,’ says Kerrie-Anne. ‘We had the poorest Christmas we’ve ever had. My dad gave me money just so I could buy the kids something. And then we got offered to open this gym.’

Kerrie-Anne said it was a franchise, and she had to borrow money to do it. Even the bank manager couldn’t see a way forward, but Kerrie-Anne felt God calling her to keep moving forward.  ‘God kept saying to me, the money will come. And it did. It just kept appearing and everyone was surprised.’

Kerrie-Anne says that when she felt God telling her to open a second gym, it was the last thing she wanted to do. ‘He literally said, I’ll make it easy for you. And everything just fell into place. God said He’d make it easy for me, and He was not joking.’

Kerrie-Anne says she can remember a time only having $150 left in the bank after paying her bills. ‘I literally cried for a moment. Then God said, stop being ridiculous. You’re going to be just fine. And that was six years ago.’

It was a leap of faith for Kerrie-Anne to give her Visionathon donation, because again she didn’t know where the money was going to come from. ‘I literally just have to listen to God. Ten years ago He came to me and said big things were coming.’

‘The enemy will whisper in your ear and tell you that’s it’s not going to happen,’ says Kerrie-Anne. ‘And I just tell Him to get out. Because God’s promised!’

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Watch Kerri-Anne’s full interview below: