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Vision Radio Is A Truckie’s Constant Companion

by | Mon, May 15 2023

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Gwen from Vision Christian Media’s marketing department shared something that’s very special to her. It’s her Bilum bag; a string bag that women in Papua New Guinea create together or individually. Gwen’s Bilum bag is of deep cultural and emotional significance to her because her mother is from Papua New Guinea.

‘Coming to Australia and being raised Australian, it’s very important to me to have this bag with me,’ said Gwen. ‘It’s also very important to me to hear what all our Vision supporters say.’

The mission of taking the Gospel to the four corners of Australia is something we’re all in together as part of the Vision family. Gwen chose to share Trevor’s message.

As a truck driver living in  Wynnum, Queensland, Trevor spends a lot of time travelling back and forth between Brisbane and Bundaberg. He would always listen to Vision Radio during his trips and says it made such a great difference to the journey.

‘I could just spend the hours away in the truck listening to Vision,’ said Trevor. ‘I really enjoy listening to Neil and Mandy. It’s just so uplifting. The only difficult thing for me was getting out of the truck to make a delivery because when I came back, I had missed the point of what they were talking about.’

Trevor would often listen to the podcasts later, so he could catch up on what he’d missed. ‘I was actually amazed at the coverage too,’ he said. ‘I could go all the way from Brisbane to Bundaberg with no dropout. It was awesome to have a station to continuously listen to all day long, no matter where I was.’

Even when he was stuck in traffic, Trevor didn’t really mind because he had the uplifting, positive content from Vision to keep him company.

Together with Vision, you can shine your light for God and help more people across Australia look to God daily.

Would you like to be a part of Vision’s ministry? Click the link to find out how you can help Vision impact people’s lives by looking to God daily.

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