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5 Better Measures of Success

We all crave for success, but how do we know when we’ve really “made it”? Is it by your salary, job title, and achievements in life?

A Renewed Mind: 3 Biblical Principles for Generating Wealth for the Kingdom of God

As a nation, Jews have been oppressed throughout history—some would say more than any other people group in the world. Although this has not stopped them from being one of the most financially prosperous and community focused ethnoreligious races.

Much of their success is not achieved by just generating wealth, but also appropriately stewarding the responsibilities that invariably come along with it such as caring for the needs of the poor and disenfranchised.

8 Financial Tips To Start Strong in 2023

The starting point for our finances should be handing it all over to God.  The Christian life is a surrendered life.  We surrender it all to him, including our finances.

What Would Jesus Say to Leaders?

The least effective way of leading is leadership based on position where people follow you not because they want to, but because they have to.

Financial Holiness

What is financial holiness? The word holiness is very prevalent in scripture. It’s the idea of being spiritually whole and of unimpaired innocence and virtue.

Investor Sues Disney Over ‘Woke’ Stance

Potential to sue entertainment giant for putting investors’ money at risk and not making safe business decisions.

Preparing for Hard Times

How can we as Christians prepare for the effects of harder economic times and apply biblical wisdom around money?

Is Disney About To Become Less ‘Woke’?

Resurrected CEO expresses regret for getting involved in an ideological spat with Florida government.

Why Sustainability is a ‘Package’ Deal in Business

The demand for sustainability has no less than revolutionised the way companies do business. In the last decade, the move towards sustainable products, waste solutions and emissions reductions has forced businesses to pursue purpose over profits, leading the way to a new and positive form of conscious capitalism.

Acceptance, Societal Change and Andrew Thorburn

How can we prepare ourselves well to have healthy conservations around our concerns with others?

Transforming Our World Through Wealth Creation

What is the role of wealth creation in transforming our world? We know that Jesus said this is one of the things at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. We have to have our financial priorities in place. But how do we actually go about creating wealth?

Connecting Christians to a Christian Jobs Market

The unemployment rate in Australia is at a record low. So, is now a good time to look into what opportunities exist for Christians?