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Pinky Gives A Challenge

Everyone can play a role during Visionathon! It’s about supporting one another along the way and ensuring that as many people as possible...
light in the darkness

Light In The Darkness

Visionathon is such a special event, where we get the wonderful opportunity to share the stories...

Past Edition – Spring 2022

Sharing the Gospel

Be Generous and Trust God

Leah loves the teaching she hears on Vision Radio, and says the ripple effect of sharing it with others is so important in spreading the Gospel...
Ken Saved at 92

Saved at 92!

Richard’s father-in-law, Ken, at age 97 recently passed away. But not before coming to the...
Freedom in Surrender

Freedom in Surrender

Kayne shares how he turned his life around after hitting rock bottom. ‘I was claiming to be a...

Past Edition – Winter 2022

Company for the Road

What could be better than some uplifting content from Vision for those long hours on the road? Trevor the truck driver shared his story with...

Restoring Faith and Hope

Rebecca was on the verge of abandoning her faith a few months ago. But thanks to Vision Radio that...

Past Edition – Autumn 2022